We offer 3 main focuses

English-bilingual stream:


Our work and achievements in this stream are innovative and extraordinary. There is probably no other state school in Germany which is successful at offering bilingual lessons in 6 subjects (among them two sciences) throughout years 7 -13. Apart from offering students the chances to be awarded the internationally recognized certificates Cambridge CAE (English) and DELF (French) we also enable them to gain experience in Business English. Lastly students who are interested in the study of foreign languages and who achieve outstanding results in at least two foreign languages are given opportunities to be awarded the European CertiLingua Certificate (Council of Europe)



The Goethe Gymnasium is a partner school for competitive sports. Every year we offer the opportunity for students who are talented and competitive in a particular sport, to be grouped together in a sports class, in which their needs to combine academic and sport progress are met. Students who do not join this class but are talented in a sport are also provided with opportunities to further develop their talents in our School Sports Centre. In addition to this the Goethe Gymnasium offers Advanced Courses in Physical Education for our A-level students as ell as many extra-curricular sports activities and clubs.



We offer specific activities, support and encouragement for students who are talented in the science subjects in our “children’s laboratory”. Students also have a wide choice of optional courses and extra-curricular clubs in all years in our school. Furthermore, we offer Advanced Courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology  to our A-Level students. This is complimented by a wide range of Foundation Courses in these subjects as well as in Information Technology. Lastly our offer also includes our ‘Energy Course’ .